Raspberry Pi: why it is the perfect small server


The development of micro and mini computers was a game changer in the information technology industry which sparked stiff competition among its industry players. The Raspberry pi is a small personal computer board which is used in performing several tasks of a computer.it was designed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry foundation. Its small size which is almost the size of a credit card makes them attractive to many children and students. Raspberry pi stormed the market making record sales upon their release. It is deemed a solution for the small server due to its small size, quite working, low power consumption, among other prominent features. This article, therefore, explores the reasons why Raspberry pi is perfect for the small servers.

The most outstanding feature that makes pi suitable for the small servers is their small size. This is the major advantage of these computers that make them easily portable. Their small size allows them to be integrated with various electronic devices. The Raspberry pi is also silent which enables the user to work comfortably in an environment free from noise. The other advantage of the pi is the numerous status lights which are on its motherboard which enables one to monitor the activity of the NIC, power status among other activities.

The other advantage of pi is its low power consumption that is relatively lower when compared to the full-size box. It’s estimated that Raspberry pi saves about 90% of the electricity when used in place of the full-size box. The fact that servers work for twenty-four hours a day makes it saves a lot of power hence its cost of running is lower. Pi also lacks moving parts as it stores information on the SD card which is comparatively faster. Lack of fans and other movable parts saves the user from worries associated with the loss of parts of a device.

Pi has an expansion capability which allows it to be integrated with other devices. The two USB ports on Raspberry pi allows for the adding of other devices. The built-in HDMI graphics in the pi on the display port allows for the high resolutions necessary for instance, in the pi conversion into high-quality video play box. The raspberry pi is also cost effective. Its special specifications are out of this world and with a random access memory of 512MB; Pi is certainly the cheapest in its class. In fact, its price has reduced and is now cheaper than before. Nevertheless, pi has multiple uses which cater for diverse needs of its users, from the hobby to business among other numerous uses.

Despite the numerous advantages of the raspberry pi, there are few disadvantages. First, it only allows ARM architecture to run and not the x86 compiled binaries. This means that the applications that require x86 to run are not possible on the pi. The second drawback of the raspberry pi is its fixed RAM that cannot be upgraded. This limits the expansion of its random access memory due to all major components being fixed on the motherboard.

In conclusion, the Raspberry pi is certainly perfect for use with the small servers. The above numerous advantages just confirm why it’s essential for small servers. This is the device you have got to try out this year.