Blappy, a new Bluetooth chat app for people with sensory disabilities


Technology has shaped every aspect of human life. It has made life much easier in different dimensions. Blappy is an application that can be installed on the android smartphones which enhance communication between the visually impaired people and or those with the hearing problem. This is certainly the best smartphone application that has boosted communication involving the disabled persons. Blappy is a smartphone application that was developed by the scientists from Spanish center for subtitling and audio description (CESyA). It enables people with disability to communicate via Bluetooth. This application allows for the text messages to be converted into voice messages and voice into text messages with much ease. Visual messages can also be zoomed enabling the visually impaired to read and pictures with high contrast can easily be seen by the visually impaired. This article, therefore, discusses the use of the Blappy application by people with sensory disabilities.

Blappy android smartphones application allows one to access Talkback services on their respective phones. This app is first installed on the smartphone. It can be transferred via Bluetooth and installed in terminals adjacent to each other, usually not more than thirty meters apart. The user of this application is then registered before using it. One can then send either a text message or a voice message depending on the type of disability. This application is slowly but steadily becoming famous in all parts of the world.

It is estimated that there are over two hundred billion people living with disabilities in the world. Blappy application is available in different languages. The four most common languages used in this application include; English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Nevertheless, this application is still being modified in order to integrate other languages. The technology used in Blappy permits for the translation of the communication into languages recognized by the Google Translator. This allows the application to use in different languages.

The Blappy application is only limited to the android smartphones. To use this application, one has to first download it from the google play store. This can thereafter, be shared via Bluetooth with other compatible android smartphones. The registration process is simple, however; the Blappy application is not compatible with the Apple’s iOS. The most exciting part for the lovers of Apple’s iOS devices is the fact that the developers of Blappy are closer to a making a compatible version.

` According to Belen Ruiz Mazcua a researcher from CESyA where this application was designed, there is no better way that technology can serve the society if the interests of the people with disabilities are not catered for. He further observed that technology is steadily being transferred to the society in order to make it accessible to all regardless of their disability. Adrián Baeza a researcher at CESyA agrees with these sentiments adding that future technological advancements need to be multi-dimensional in order for it to effectively include everyone.

There are various applications developed to cater for the interests of those with the disability, however, none beats Blappy. This application has taken the world by storm and filled the gap left by other applications.