Google’s First Set Of Webmaster Hangouts Using YouTube Live

In September 2011 Google+ launched their live-streaming feature for its Google+ Hangouts group video chat to select performers and celebrities. Hangouts On Air became available to all Google users in May/June 2012. Then, in May 2013, Google launched YouTube Live, which also gradually rolled out to increasing numbers of users. Hangouts On Air offers good connection, high quality audio and video and the ability to broadcast video chats live and post them to YouTube at no charge. On August 15, 2016 Google announced that Google+ Hangouts On Air would cease on September 12. Google users were asked to use YouTube Read More

Blappy, a new Bluetooth chat app for people with sensory disabilities

Technology has shaped every aspect of human life. It has made life much easier in different dimensions. Blappy is an application that can be installed on the android smartphones which enhance communication between the visually impaired people and or those with the hearing problem. This is certainly the best smartphone application that has boosted communication involving the disabled persons. Blappy is a smartphone application that was developed by the scientists from Spanish center for subtitling and audio description (CESyA). It enables people with disability to communicate via Bluetooth. This application allows for the text messages to be converted into voice Read More

Raspberry Pi: why it is the perfect small server

The development of micro and mini computers was a game changer in the information technology industry which sparked stiff competition among its industry players. The Raspberry pi is a small personal computer board which is used in performing several tasks of a was designed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry foundation. Its small size which is almost the size of a credit card makes them attractive to many children and students. Raspberry pi stormed the market making record sales upon their release. It is deemed a solution for the small server due to its small size, quite working, Read More

Keyboard-monitoring technique in detection of Parkinson’s symptoms at home

Parkinson is one of the leading diseases that cause neurodegenerative disorder in humans. This disease is more prevalent in developed nations with over fifty thousand people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the United States alone annually. This disease has no cure however, there are various treatments prescribed to patients meant to minimize the suffering caused by this disease on the patients. The treatments prescribed by the physician can only reduce the symptoms when the patient is closely monitored for any noticeable changes. Scientists have developed keyboard-monitoring technique that can easily detect movement difficulties when the people with Parkinson disease typeset. Read More

‘Creative thinkers’ come together in Charlotte

Charlotte Latin’s all-female seventh grade engineering class that found success with a $35 computer will be featured at TEDxCharlotteED, along with a number of Charlotte “creative thinkers and doers” to foster debate, according to an organizer. TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, is a nonprofit organization that started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago. In 2012, TEDxCharlotteED (adding ED for education) formed and had its first event. “Charlotte’s group discussions are designed to highlight ideas worth spreading about transforming education,” said Lexee Zutz, co-organizer of TEDxCharlotteED. “How we educate our children and ourselves has a Read More